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Dillon Jarvis

This was the second time using Greg for a loan. I was looking to move into a bigger place and found a perfect home for sale in my neighborhood that I made an offer on at once. However, I was unable to get approved for a loan because I had a current mortgage and waiting for my house to sell. I was told by several other lenders that I would need my house under contract first to get approved even with perfect credit and a 50% down payment! My offer on the new house was accepted by the owners and I was just hoping for a buyer to make an offer on my current home soon. With the closing date approaching fast and my house still not under contract I thought I was hopelessly out of luck and was beginning to panic. Somehow Greg worked his magic and got me approved just in time without having to ask the sellers for an extension and risk losing it to another buyer. I do not know how he did it, but he truly saved the day, and helped me out tremendously throughout the entire process. Thanks again Greg!

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